What Happens Next

Thank you very much for your order and you will shortly receive an email confirming the details of your purchase and your donation to Sightsavers. Please print yourself a copy of the Invoice and Order Summary, as you'll need to include it when you send your ties to us. Here's what you need to do next:


Next thing is to Choose your ties!

Obviously this is up to you but here are some hints for a successful Waistiecoat

      • Make sure the ties are clean, not frayed on the edges, and without any stains!
      • Thin ties don't work well because there usually isn't enough fabric - so normal width, or wide ties, please
      • Woollen ties won't work either, but silk and polyester ties are fine and work well together
      • For both the standard tie laydown and the central tie laydown, six ties are required. It is possible that one tie will be unused, and if so, it will be returned with the completed Waistiecoat. Six ties are enough for most customers, but if you have a Waist, Chest or Stomach measurement above 44 inches then you'll need to include an extra tie - so seven ties in total
      • If you have chosen central tie laydown, and have a preferred tie for the central position please mark this clearly when you send them to us.
      • Some of our clients like to specify the exact positions of all their ties in their Waistiecoats, and if you want to do this, we will make every effort to follow your lay-out, and in almost all cases this will be fine. There are a number of technical considerations in the placing of the ties which mean not all ties can always go in any given position, but we will do our very best!
      • If you do want to specify the tie positions, just imagine you were looking at the front of your Waistiecoat and lay them out accordingly and take a photo.  Please then print and send a picture of your layout, along with your Order Summary.  You'll see a couple of examples of these pictures below.

Standard tie laydown
Central tie laydown
      • Equally, if you prefer to leave the layout your Waistiecoat to the experienced eyes of our tailors and seamstresses, that's fine too, and no pictures are required.

We recommend you send your ties by recorded delivery to the address shown below and please remember to include the copy of your Invoice and Order Summary:

Waistiecoat Ltd
21 Coolhurst Road
London N8 8EP
United Kingdom

We will acknowledge safe receipt of your ties and will contact you if there are any resultant production issues, but would expect your finished Waistiecoat to be ready for dispatch 21-28 days after we receive your ties.


If you have any queries, please contact us info@waistiecoat.co.uk