Our Story




The idea for Waistiecoats started as a laugh at a dinner party a few years ago.  A friend of ours was mourning the loss of a large part of his tie collection which his wife had taken down to the local charity shop.  She said the ties had been occupying an unacceptable amount of cupboard space, many were wildly out of fashion, and most had been virtually unworn for years.  Sound familiar?!

Strange to say, many of the men round the table were sentimental about their old ties, albeit they were never likely to be worn again,  and conversation turned as to other uses to which they might be put.

The idea of Waistiecoats was met with ridicule, particularly by our wives  - so much so, that my brother and I were stung into getting a couple secretly made and wearing them to our next black-tie dinner.  Our Waistiecoats duly made their public debut, and we were taken aback by the admiration and envy that our Waistiecoats generated! 

 Waistiecoat Custom Waistcoats

Requests for Waistiecoats from friends, and friends of friends flowed in, and we decided to make it into a business to benefit Sightsavers - a charity we very much admire. 

We eventually found and appointed a very small, high quality bespoke tailoring company near Delhi in India, who could make the Waistiecoats to our high quality standards.  The staff there are all well looked after, and we provide valuable skilled local employment. We pay a very 'Fair Trade' price but one which still allows us to donate a substantial majority of your purchase price to Sightsavers.  Waistiecoat itself is entirely run by volunteers - we take no salaries, no personal fees or expenses, and our overheads are virtually non-existent.

Why a Waistiecoat?