Sight for Sore Eyes

Your favourite old, forgotten ties lovingly re-tailored into a beautiful  bespoke Waistiecoat, totally unique to you, and all proceeds go to Sightsavers International, a magnificent charity restoring sight in the poorest counties of the world

Our Story

The idea for Waistiecoats started as a laugh after a dinner party a few years ago.  A friend of ours was mourning the loss of a large part of his tie collection which his wife had taken down to the local charity shop.  She said that the ties had been occupying an unacceptable amount of cupboard space, many were wildly out of fashion, and most had been virtually unworn for years.  Sound familiar?

Strange to say, many of the men round the table were sentimental about their old ties, albeit they were never likely to be worn again,  and conversation turned as to other uses to which they might be put.

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What's Special About a Waistiecoat

Your favourite old ties will be lovingly re-purposed by professional tailors into a beautifully crafted waistcoat, made to your own measurements, and in your own choice of style. And you can wear it with pride, knowing all the proceeds will go to Sightsavers - a magnificent charity restoring sight in the Third World.

Every Waistiecoat - whether it be made from classic ties, sentimental ties, vintage ties, old school ties, club ties or outrageous ties - is the only one like it in the world, because it's you that provides the ties!

An enormous amount of workmanship is involved - each tie has to be carefully unpicked, pressed out, aligned, cut, and stitched into panels for the front of the waistcoat.  These are then interfaced, the buttonholes cut and then finished with a hand-stitched inner satin lining of your choice, and buttons of your choice.

Waistiecoats cost £150, which fairly represents the hours of detailed  craftsmanship involved, but the price is far less than those charged by professional tailors for made-to-measure waistcoats in the UK.

And your Waistiecoat will actually pay to restore the sight of perhaps three or four of the poorest people in the world who would otherwise remain needlessly blind, or buy the antibiotics for more than 30 children who would otherwise fall victim to the agony and eventual blindness caused by untreated Trachoma.


The Waistiecoat Guarantee

Your Waistiecoat has been handmade by experts to your measurements and specifications with the finest materials and craftsmanship. We offer a full remedial service for any tailoring faults, or a money-back guarantee for any defective workmanship on Waistiecoats returned to us within fourteen days.

But, obviously, in the unlikely case that you were to request a refund, we would be unable to return your ties to you (!) and so for the purposes of our business transaction they are deemed to have been gifted to us by you at nil value.